Vchat is one of the famous application, In this application we can able to be a friend with world wide. The app is used for play and be friends with unknown person where ever in the word of core the most important in this application is to shake the mobile and its an most interesting thing, which impress the people and have a great fun by using this application we can set an profile photo then our most like things like music videos pictures etc., Such this kind of application are famous in up coming  generation. Now a day people used the application software like playing and learning more and more like Vchat, Vchat have personal things like an profile picture set etc., Once we shake the mobile at the same time any one will shake the mobile for example we call us X Person . So me and the X person will indicate it and send some kind of link though it, If i like X person means i will send a link to X person then if X person like my link means He/she to will send the link then i will get the phone number of X person thus X person will be friend with me forever “until X person unfriend me. So by the way me and x will be chatting when we want , we can able to share our personal things like pictures or musics etc.., Huh now am gone use the Vchat now… 🙂        


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