Google is the corperation company which has an millans of Users ,the specializing in Internet-related services and products. It offers online productivity software including email Gmail, an office suite Google Drive, and social networking Google+ Desktop products include applications for web browsing, organizing and editing photos, and instant messaging. The company leads the development of the Android mobileoperating system and the browser-only Chrome OS for a specialized type of netbook known as a Chromebook.It has been estimated to run more than one million servers in data centers around the world,and to process over one billion search requests and about 24 petabytes of user-generated data each day. Google-owned sites such as YouTube and Blogger.Its market dominance has led to criticism over issues including copyright, censorship, and privacy.The company announced plans to build three data centers at a cost of more than $200 million in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan) and purchased the land for them. Google said they will be operational within two years.

                                         Google Apps is another primary Google enterprise service offering. The service allows organizations to bring Google’s web application offerings, such as Gmail and Google Docs, into their own domains. Controversy was generated in June 2013 after the Washington Post news outlet revealed that Google had donated US$50,000 to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a right-wing organization responsible for numerous law suits that aimed to discredit the science behind climate change. Google was further criticized in July 2013 following the publicity for a Google-hosted fundraiser for Oklahoma Republican politician Jim Inhofe, who is well known for dismissing climate change science as a “hoax” in the U.S. Senate. Tickets for the event range between US$250 and US$2,500, and a portion of the funds raised will be donated to the national Republican Senatorial Committee. At Lost Future it will be the Great One..,


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